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what's cookin this week, what's a jhumka brunch? & mental health pod

hello there! 🌸

This is Vidhi from the Antar community and let me spill some tea! We’re in the middle of the year and this is the time when my brain starts to get contemplative. How are you doing? Would love to get together & discuss!

With that, this letter is divided into 3 parts: 1. SA feed, 2. Experiences I’m hosting in the Bay, 3. Antar’s first pop-up event & Mental Health Podcast

South Asian Feed

what I’ve found interesting + lovely ladies have shared this week!

What I’m Hosting

Last Week’s Experience

 Jhumka Brunch in SF

good food x company x convo's x learnings x friendships

Join this week’s Experiences [hosted by me]

(open to all, get a +1 or 2 but get them to sign up on the invite below please)

If you’re in,

Chai Meetups

(sign up here if you still haven’t attended one! REVAMPED IT from before) I do my best to match those in the same phase of life!

being in community, connecting IRL with some handmade, organic Indian products is heart warming - especially when I can share profits with those in need!

South Asian Mental Health Podcast - bringing in powerful ladies in the community for a chat!

THANK YOU for reading through! see you soon!

If you have thoughts, you know i’m all ears so please reach out 🙂 

Lots of love, Vi