NEW Antar Experiences

welcome to this first edition!

hello there! 🌸

This is Vidhi here from the Antar (South Asian Friendship LBD post) community here with some exciting new updates! It’s been wholesome meeting so many of you in the past 2 months & I want to logistically hold it together with more experiences.

Based on all your generous feedback (keep em flowing), it was clear to me that easy-to-come-to, laidback and affordable experiences are the general preference. Trying to also find a way on how members can contribute and create events. So, I’ve pivoted a bit to land at the following! (3 x times the charm, love to hear your thoughts) 

This letter is divided into 3 parts: 1. What’s cooking in the SA community,
2. Chai Meetups, 3. MORE stand-off EXPERIENCES

South Asian Community & Culture Things

what i’ve found interesting & also what you lovely ladies have shared this week!

Region Wide Experiences

meet other females based on your location (totally ok if you want to travel up too), whether you’ve been a part of the chai meetups or not (open to all, get a +1 or 2 but get them to sign up on the invite below please)

» Jhumka Picnic

Happening in:

» Dinner & Self Reflection Eve

Happening in:

Chai Meetups

this is a hand matched experience to enjoy a cup of chai with other south asian females in your area (sign up here if you still haven’t attended one! REVAMPED IT from before) I do my best to match those in the same phase of life!

Check out where the next ☕ meetups are happening: we’re present in Cupertino, San Francisco, Fremont, Berkeley, Redwood City 🙂 

THANK YOU for reading through! see you soon!

If you have thoughts, you know i’m all ears so please reach out 🙂 

Lots of love, Vi